WiV adds its wine NFTs to Arkane Market

WiV Technology, an ERC-721 based non-fungible-token (NFT) platform representing real-world assets, today announced it has added Arkane Market, an NFT exchange and wallet platform, to its list of marketplaces where people can access tokenized fine wine.

Arkane now makes it easy for collectors to create wallets and easily trade fine wine on the blockchain. Moreover, the platform offers seamless access to a network of more than 200,000 other Arkane users.

How It Works

The use of blockchain-based NFTs makes fine wine trading quicker, cheaper, and more transparent. Bottles or cases of wine are designated an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) which can be traded at various blockchain-based marketplaces. The physical wine is stored in professionally managed cellars.

Håkon Harberg, COO & Founder of WiV

“Joining the Arkane Network is a natural development of our multichain strategy. Arkane’s tools make it simple for people to trade wine on the blockchain even if they haven’t been involved in the crypto sector before. Their metaverse development is also very interesting because we believe that it’s a perfect fit for tokenized fine wine. With the metaverse, you can have a virtual cellar full of fine wines; represented by unique NFT art even if you don’t have space for a wine cellar in the real world. We’ve also found that the team behind Arkane has a superb vision for the future and their blockchain-agnostic approach dovetails neatly with how we are developing the WiV platform.”
– Håkon Harberg, Co-Founder of WiV Technology

WiV’s NFTs on Arkane Network offers an elegant representation of the world of modern wines; with a rare Kvevri wine from Georgia, a certified organic Spanish red, and a Pinot Noir from Argentina.

Special Giveaway

To celebrate this partnership, WiV is giving away one NFT representing a case of 6 bottles of Dzelshavi. This is believed to be one of Georgia’s oldest grape varieties, emerging in the 5th century AD.

  • 2020 Solomone — Dzelshavi (Qvevri Red)
  • Year — 2020
  • Appellation — Chiatura, Imereti
  • Name — Dzelshavi (Qvevri Red)
  • Proprietor — Marani Solomone
  • Vineyard site — Chiatura, Georgia
WiV’s wine smart contracts now on Arkane Network

The WiV platform is a blockchain-based system for valuing and protecting the provenance of fine wine. WiV Technology plans to offer WiV as a white-label solution to existing wine dealers and wholesalers; allowing these businesses and their clients to benefit from fast, secure, and low-cost trading.

Last month, Arkane closed a €1.55M seed round funding to grow its NFT blockchain technology platform.