This DeFi Platform Is Worth Your Attention

In recent weeks, AFEN has gained unprecedented traction on social media and cryptocurrency news platforms. Most of the buzz around the AFEN project was from but not limited to its swift public sale held on Julswap. The IDO sold out in less than a minute, much to the delight of AFEN’s growing community. The African startup is determined to reinvent certain African sectors, so we decided to delve deeper into the project’s buzz. What we discovered is revealed in the following paragraphs – a project worth following.

AFEN’s Commitment to Decentralization and Digitization

AFEN is committed to digitizing Africa’s ART, REAL ESTATE, and EDUCATIONAL sectors by utilizing the Binance smart chain network through smart contracts. The project identifies the challenges of these sectors and proposes the use of blockchain technology to address issues such as high middleman cuts, dishonest transactions, and undervaluation of African arts. The focus of the AFEN platform is to create an NFT marketplace for legacy African arts and choice real estate properties to be minted and exchanged respectively. Simply put, revolutionize opportunities through blockchain technology. The $AFEN token will be used in exchange on the AFEN platform.

Partnerships, Listings and a New Roadmap

The AFEN team’s work rate is highly commendable. This fact is undeniable, with over 5 new partnerships formed as a result of its listing, a new government endorsement, and listings on Coingecko and Trustwallet. The team is currently working on a central exchange listing, according to rumors. Things are heating up at AFEN; earlier this week, the newsletter stated that development of the AFEN NFT platform had begun. Deborah Ojengbede, a 27-year-old ex-banker, leads AFEN. In a recent slew of tweets, Deborah assures the AFEN community of sustaining the recent momentum. Consequent to this, Quidax announced a partnership agreement with AFEN and is set to list the AFEN token in no time. Also, the AFEN team released a new roadmap that details the development process of the NFT platform center to the operations of the AFEN group.

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