Qtum Pledges to Match All COVID-19 Vaccines Donated to Vaccine Forward

In an attempt to speed up the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, the blockchain project Qtum has partnered with Vaccine Forward to raise $2 billion. The Qtum Chain Foundation also vowed to match the total number of vaccinations donated to Vaccine Forward and send them to 92 struggling countries.

Qtum to Participate in COVID-19 Vaccination Process

Founded in 2016, Qtum is an open, permissionless blockchain and ecosystem that focuses on building robust decentralized applications, smart contracts, DeFi products, and NFTs. In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the project announced its partnership with Vaccine Forward – a Swedish crowd-funding organization aiming to help the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI).

Both parties have joined forces in an attempt to speed up the somewhat challenging distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, especially to poorer countries.

The first step was raining 12,000 vaccination, which the Swedish organization did in a “short amount of time” with the help of the Qtum Chain Foundation donation. According to the statement, Qtum’s example could be followed by the “entire blockchain and cryptocurrency industry,” which is “urged to contribute to global COVID-19 vaccination efforts.”

Furthermore, the blockchain-based project pledged to match all vaccinations raised by Vaccine Forward in the future as well.

“As a grass-roots organization, Vaccine Forward is proud to receive the biggest donation so far, effectively doubling the samount of raised vaccinations, from 6,000 to 12,000 with Qtum’s donation. We are also very happy for Qtum’s challenge to the blockchain space at large do to the same.” – commented VF Founder Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist.

More Donations Incoming?

The statement also informed that Vaccine Forward had put a plan in motion to simplify the donation process for private and corporate players. From now on, all donations sent to the organization will go to COVAX AMC via the Global Vaccine Alliance.

Additionally, the organization will enable people and companies to donate directly with various cryptocurrencies on the site.

Qtum’s Co-Founder, Jordan Earl, asserted that his project hopes that other companies and even individuals will follow the example and match all COVID-19 vaccines raised.

“We at Qtum are global problem solvers with an open platform, and therefore, I think the grass-roots organization Vaccine Forward is an amazing solution to a complex global problem.” – Earl added.