Lamassu crypto ATMs now offer shielded Zcash (ZEC) support

Lamassu, a bitcoin/crypto ATM provider, announced it has taken advantage of Zcash’s privacy features by introducing the ability for Lamassu ATM customers to receive ZEC directly to wallets featuring shielded ‘Z-addresses’. Additionally, users can send funds from a shielded address to a Lamassu ATM to cash out using any supported wallet; thereby preventing data leakage of their past spending and saving habits.

“A user of our machines deserves the same protections against unnecessary surveillance as they had with the cash they used to buy it, or with the cash they’d receive when selling their coins. Using a shielded address affords ATM users this protection against data exposure as they go about holding and spending their newly acquired digital cash in their daily lives.”
– The Lamassu Team

The Lamassu team offers its operators free and open software that’s decentralized from the company and over which its ATM operators retain full control of their data. Adopting the privacy-preserving features of coins supported on the ATMs extends this control to users as well.

To take advantage of this feature, Lamassu operators should update to the latest software release, Electric Enlil v7.5, along with updating their zcashd wallet to enable sending to Z-addresses. Users of updated machines whose operators offer ZEC may use wallets such as Nighthawk, Zecwallet, or Unstoppable to receive shielded funds.

“We are thrilled that Lamassu has added support for shielded Zcash. This update ensures Lamassu’s users have a way to safely manage their assets without leaking personal information,’ expressed. Financial privacy is a human right and we are glad to work together in support of this mission.”
– Andre Serrano of the Electric Coin Company