IRIS Hub’s new Rainbow Wallet version supports IBC cross-chain transfers » CryptoNinjas

IRIS Hub, an interchain service infrastructure built with Cosmos-SDK enabling cross-chain interoperability through a unified service model while providing a variety of modules to support DeFi apps, announced its Rainbow Wallet now supports IBC transfers between the Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub.

Specifically, Rainbow Wallet v3.6.0 brings IBC cross-chain transfers into the Rainbow app. Now, users can simply transfer IRIS and ATOM between IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub in the Rainbow app through the IBC protocol, which means Rainbow now supports two cross-chain protocols, including gateway and IBC.

“In April of this year, IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub had completed the 1st IBC transfers. Now, this new version of Rainbow provides a user-friendly UI of IBC cross-chain transfers so that end-users can simply conduct IBC token transfers between Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub through the Rainbow mobile app.”
– The IRIS Hub Team

New Features

Brings IBC Protocol Support: IBC Transfers of IRIS and ATOM

Rainbow Wallet v3.6.0 brings IBC protocol to support the cross-chain token transfers between Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub. On this new version, users can easily transfer ATOM and IRIS between two chains.

Manage IBC Cross-Chain Assets: Check and Manage Cross-Chain Assets

Also, Rainbow Wallet v3.6.0 adds the Balance page for users to manage both local chain assets and also cross-chain assets. In this way, users can get a clear-eyed view of their asset composition when transferring. At the same time, the page for local chain transfers is optimized and includes the local chain transfers of cross-chain assets to provide users with a consistent experience.