Crypto wallet app DotWallet integrates Changelly API for new swap feature » CryptoNinjas

DotWallet, a non-custodial light wallet built on the Bitcoin SV protocol, recently announced that its web app has been upgraded with a new swap feature, powered by cryptocurrency exchanger, Changelly.

The integration of the Changelly API will enable DotWallet users to exchange crypto quickly and easily. Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users; offering 200+ cryptocurrencies.

DotWallet Swap powered by Changelly is available now; and currently supports the exchange of BTC, ETH, and BSV. The new swap feature enriches the applications and services of the entire DotWallet ecosystem.

“We believe that the creation of simple technological solutions is absolutely necessary to allow more and more people to use crypto in their daily lives. I am excited that Changelly API has become a part of the DotWallet ecosystem. I am sure that this integration will greatly benefit both of our companies, and am looking forward to working with the DotWallet team again in the future.”
– Changelly CEO, Eric Benz

Powered by BSV’S tokenization technology, DotWallet users can send TBC, BSV, and ETH instantly using 9 confirmation transactions.