ConsenSys Tool Infura User Numbers Grow 250% in Under a Year

Infura, a blockchain development tool from ConsenSys, now has over 350,000 users for its service to connect to Ethereum and build decentralized apps (dapps).

  • The product has seen the number grow from 100,000 less than a year ago, an increase of 250%, Consensys announced Tuesday.
  • Infura allows developers to connect to the Ethereum blockchain using an API without having to run a full node, and underpins the majority of dapps on the network.
  • Among the projects using infrastructure provided by Infura are decentralized exchange Uniswap, DeFi protocol MakerDAO and digital wallet MetaMask
  • ConsenSys also noted that 13% of Infura’s requests are on Layer 2 networks, pointing to an increasing demand for Ethereum scaling services.

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