BitMEX lists linear perpetual contracts for ADA, BNB, FTM, and SHIB » CryptoNinjas

BitMEX, the popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, announced today that cryptocurrencies ADA, BNB, FTM, and SHIB – will be listed as linear perpetual swaps, which are margined and settled in USDT. Note, this is the first time FTM and SHIB perpetual swaps have been listed on BitMEX.

Check out the details of the new linear perpetual contracts below:

ContractSizeMax Order QuantityLot SizeMin Trade AmountInitial MarginMaintenance Margin
ADA – USDT0.01 ADA1,000,000,0001,00010 ADA3.00%1.50%
BNB – USDT0.0001 BNB1,000,000,0001,0000.1 BNB3.00%1.50%
FTM – USDT0.01 FTM1,000,000,0001,00010 FTM5.00%2.50%
SHIB – USDT1 SHIB100,000,000,00010,00010,000 SHIB5.00%2.50%